Our services

All our highly skilled team members have more than 10 years of experience in industrial automation. Their professional knowledge, dedication, and motivation are the basis of our services in engineering, industrial automation, machine manufacturing, and maintenance.
We apply innovative technologies and environmentally sound solutions to meet market needs.
Our goal-oriented company structure ensures quick administration, and we deliver on time and with impeccable quality.

Based on our customers’ requirements, we provide the design and construction of automatic or semi-automatic production machines, production cells, and transport systems.

We keep in touch with the customers throughout the projects to keep them up to date with the latest information. All our projects have transparent project documentation and can be tracked from the first step to the last.

We carry out the relocation, installation, and commissioning of production cells, production machinery, and equipment in the shortest possible timeframe. Our equipments (own fork lifter, heavy-duty rollers, etc.), our professional experience, our adaptability, and our excellent organization skills ensure that we can keep to the schedule.

Our service and maintenance tasks are carried out on a variety of equipment and production cells.

Our guarantee covers not only the machines we manufacture but also our maintenance and servicing activities.

We undertake the inspection, refurbishment, and modification of machines and production cells in use, to provide innovative solutions to make our customers’ production capacity more efficient. Whether it’s reducing cycle times or increasing the degree of automation.

Based on our customers’ requirements, we provide the design and construction of production machines, equipment, production cells, protection and safety functions, as well as their modernization and conversion after revision.

In preparation for CE certification, we assess the current condition of production machinery, equipment, production cells and propose the replacement of obsolete, unsafe equipment to meet the higher safety requirements of the current age for safer and more reliable operation of equipment.

Our software development and programming division specialized in PLC programming and PC-based software development.

In PLC programming, we meet our customers’ diverse requirements in OpCon Classic, OpCon Plus, Siemens environments.

Our PC-based software allows data collection, database management, data mining to meet the needs of our customers’ individual requirements.

We offer the reconstruction and replacement of Bosch, Rexroth, Omron, Mitsubishi, Siemens PLCs with newer, more modern types to meet the new requirements of the industry.

The continuous development of our professionals ensures that we are competitive in the installation and maintenance of industrial robots (Stäubli, ABB).

Their expertise enables them to develop applications and optimise robot trajectories. These solutions are well suited for reducing cycle times and increasing production capacity.

We have extensive experience in designing, servicing and rebuilding electrical, mechanical and pneumatic systems.

The design, assembly, wiring and commissioning of electrical switch cabinets and junction boxes plays a key part in our services.

Based on the specific requirements of our customers, we manufacture workstations, material and cargo handling equipment from alu-profile systems (Bosch-Rexroth, Item). We work closely with the customer from the design phase to the implementation.

We also undertake the design and construction of storage systems for raw materials, tools and components, such as: roller conveyors, shelving systems, airlock cabinets.

All alu-profile systems are designed with ESD protection.

Our engineering consultancy and technical services cover a wide spectrum, from industrial process automation, project management, production ramp-up support, cycle time reduction, printed circuit board design to 3D printing.

We offer support to eliminate the implementation problems of Industry 4.0.

We provide inspection and repair of electrical devices such as frequency converters, PLCs, HMIs, drive controllers.

We can also assist in the inspection and repair of induction motors and fans. For example, bearing replacement, winding, diagnostics.

We offer fast, professional solutions.

We adapt to the extra needs of our customers; flexibility is the key to our success.